The purpose of my original art for sale is to affirm the inherent value in every living being. My mission is to help people realize that life, all life, is not disposable like a facial tissue, but is valuable and indispensable.

Original art for sale. Brace yourself for all of the benefits and beauty of a traditional gallery setting with far fewer drawbacks! If you have ever been to a traditional gallery looking for original art, you know how difficult it can be to see the lesser-known work on display, get any questions you have answered, and to deal with pushy staff.

When you buy art from my online art gallery, you are exchanging the out-dated way of doing things at a traditional gallery. With ease and convenience you can browse and buy art from my website. I display high-resolution photos of my pieces for sale. You can easily contact me to discuss anything from price to shipping methods to the inspiration for the piece! And best of all, there is no salesman hovering over you pressuring you to make a sale.

Now focusing on raising awareness through art: Environmental awareness art, social awareness art and rescue dog art.

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